Friday, August 10, 2012

Out of the Journal- week 2

Here's my journal page canvas for this week I don't know if it's obvious- but that big pink  and orange thing on the right is supposed to be a Swing- the kind that you find at amusement parks, and the lumpy black thing at the bottom is a silhouette of a roller coaster.
 I have to say that this is really hard- I mean, a journal is a place for me to just fool around, not necessarily make finished looking pieces, you know? (although sometimes they turn out good, in which case I post them, haha) But not only am I making a journal page NOT in a journal, but on a CANVAS- the pressure! So this is why I decided to name this one 'Play' - to remind myself that its all about playing ....I'm actually supposed to be *gasp* enjoying myself! It's not about perfection. I guess if it was I wouldn't have named my blog 'An Artful Passage' but rather 'I've Arrived- and have no need to learn anything more' (or IAAHNNTLAM) It's all about the journey, right?. And in this case, for me, its all about practicing, practicing practicing. I started this blog to make myself make art, and not just think about it and read books about making art.

Be sure to check out everybody's pages over at Dina's blog.

I'm including a little bonus photo- a picture of the journal page that my four year old daughter was working on while I worked on my canvas. I discovered it when I went to upload these pics..... she took the pictures herself while I went to get something! :)


  1. Hi Laura,

    You popped up twice in my email this morning and I had to say hello :-)

    Lovely page. I keep wanting to do Dina's challenge but have been stuck for the problem you mentioned - journals are for playing, out of the journal feels so much more official.

    I also tried Kate Crane's art journal calendar with the teeny, tiny blocks and gave up after about 4-5 months. My life just doesn't boil down well to 1 inch squares. It's a lovely idea but I couldn't sustain it.

    Your daughter is ready to be an art blogger. She has a good sense of color too *grin*

    I love the color and design wrapped around the edge of your canvas and how you used orange here and there amongst the pink. Very striking.


    P.S. Your blog comments come through with the address of "no reply" so I wasn't able to email you directly. You may want to link up your blog profile to an email so people (like me) can thank you for your kind words.

  2. love the colours and you looks like you are coping well with the pressure of work on canvas!! hopped over from dina's blog to see what everyone else has created. x

  3. Beautiful artwork, I really like how it continues round the edges :) Good to see your little girl joining in with some painty fun too!

  4. I like this and LOVE the journal from your daughter!! Good job, mom!

  5. Just a comment on Nicole's comment...don't think of a canvas as official. Just play on it, too! You can always paint over it. Nothing's permanent! Thanks for playing, cool canvas!

  6. Love your canvas. Such beautiful textures and colors.

  7. Your canvas is a a wonderful play ground, and you daughter has a good eye for colour...and photography...


  8. Thank you for your lovely comment on my "Perfect" post, Laura. I use a Signo Uniball White pen for my doodling. So glad you like it!


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