Monday, August 27, 2012

Out of the Journal- Week Four

Close up of bee image!

So, here it is, week four of the 'Out of the Journal' challenge on Dina's blog. I panicked, because I had been packing for a weekend away with my hubby and didn't get a chance to do anything but lay down a layer of paint on my canvas. Which wasn't even dry by the time we had everything in the car and were on our way. What to do? All I had with me was my trusty moleskin, some collage images, gesso, adhesive and a few markers. I decided to use the back of my journal for the canvas- I slapped down some paper with text and a strip of images with bees, moths, etc. and then scribbled over it with my enitire collection of Copics (five in all!). I had bought a few last year in my favorite colors, and then never really knew what to do with them. I drew in the image of the man with my black Copic (not easy- that brush end is all woggly, and the other end was too wide) because my permanent black fine tip was rebelling on me and refused to work. The image is based on the flying man image I used on the front here-
All in all, I think it came out fine, and I was proud of myself for throwing something together just using what I had available. Please be sure to check out everybody's else work here. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Treasures at the Grange Fair

We went to the Grange Fair yesterday, and saw all the regulars- cows, bunnys, pigs, etc. And then, all of a sudden, I heard something that I had to just investigate- and look what I stumbled upon! Old farm machines, dating from the very early 1900's. Here's a couple of shots- aren't they cool?

Out of the Journal Week Three

Here's my canvas for this week. I couldn't find a suitable canvas, so I dug through my
'stuff' and found this smallish 6 x 6 unprimed canvas that I had inked with some distress inks and misted with water. And then promptly forgot. About five years ago. Erm...
  It was all a bit of a rust color. Wasn't sure what to do next so I cut a vintage photo that I had been eyeying up off of a journal and plopped in down with some gel medium ...I didn't like the page but I love the photo. Tada! Much better. It's a beach scene, so I needed some turquoise, right? or something...... so I stenciled with my favorite stencil (that has also been used on the last two canvases, although you can't really tell) and some sequin waste, and kind of just fooled with over -stenciling with different colors until I liked it. Fun! I really feel it needs some text ...maybe a quote? but I'm leaving it breathe for now. Thank you for tuning in....make sure you check out everybody's work over at Dina's blog.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Out of the Journal- week 2

Here's my journal page canvas for this week I don't know if it's obvious- but that big pink  and orange thing on the right is supposed to be a Swing- the kind that you find at amusement parks, and the lumpy black thing at the bottom is a silhouette of a roller coaster.
 I have to say that this is really hard- I mean, a journal is a place for me to just fool around, not necessarily make finished looking pieces, you know? (although sometimes they turn out good, in which case I post them, haha) But not only am I making a journal page NOT in a journal, but on a CANVAS- the pressure! So this is why I decided to name this one 'Play' - to remind myself that its all about playing ....I'm actually supposed to be *gasp* enjoying myself! It's not about perfection. I guess if it was I wouldn't have named my blog 'An Artful Passage' but rather 'I've Arrived- and have no need to learn anything more' (or IAAHNNTLAM) It's all about the journey, right?. And in this case, for me, its all about practicing, practicing practicing. I started this blog to make myself make art, and not just think about it and read books about making art.

Be sure to check out everybody's pages over at Dina's blog.

I'm including a little bonus photo- a picture of the journal page that my four year old daughter was working on while I worked on my canvas. I discovered it when I went to upload these pics..... she took the pictures herself while I went to get something! :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So, here's a quick post on how I made my "Out of the Journal" page. First, I layered random papers, tissue and Tim Holtz die cuts on a piece of very heavy watercolor paper. (since I didn't have a canvas laying around) I gessoed the whole thing and added color with acrylic paints, sprays and oil pastels.

 Then I got all of my stuff out and picked elements to adhere to the page. I wanted a bird drawing, and usually I will just draw an image if I don't have one, but this time I asked my son to draw one for me. He's so talented! I added pen and ink and Neocolors to the original graphite drawing and then cut it out.

Next I glued everything down with matte gel medium ala Finnabair's instructions.  I dabbed on a bit of gesso. (I think I'll skip the gesso next go, as I didn't love the effect with the dark sprays I chose.)

I actually kind of like it here. This is a softer, more romantic look. But I wanted to try to work with some black, so the next thing I did was spray. I used some Tattered Angels sprays along with some sprays I made using waterproof drawing ink and water mixed into a little spray bottle. I used shades of pink, yellow, teal and black. The black spray was made with an old Tattered Angels spray that was way too light to show up and an old black Ancient Page reinker that I had laying around. I added some charcoal around the edges and wherever I felt it needed some black.
I had so much fun making this, and Ive already started making my Out of the Page canvas for next week. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Out of the Journal


Here's my journal page..... I went a little crazy since I didn't have to make it flattish to fit in a journal. I've been dying to try some new things and have especially inspired by Finnabair. I'm in a rush now, but I will follow with a longer post on how I made this. Take a look at everybody's pages over at Dina Stamps.