Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back of my Journal Cover

Hello there! Previously, I had decorated the front of my Moleskin journal and loved it- I loved having a colorful collage to inspire me every time I picked it up. But the back was still plain. I attempted to decorate it, and it was ok, but I love to re-do old pages- they often provide inspiration for a new piece. So here is the result.

   The quote is by James D. Finley and it says "Nothing encourages creativity like the chance to fall flat on ones face" - Love that! I am always learning new things and I have to frequently remind myself that its ok to experiment, and yes, fall flat on my face at times- as a matter of fact that is part of the process!
Hope everyone out there is doing well. I am going to attempt to blog more, but right now my main focus is going to be getting ready for Art-is-You in October. I often find myself in pre-retreat chaos gathering materials and stressing myself out. So, I figure if I make myself a checklist and start NOW, I might just be prepared in time this year!