Sunday, June 6, 2010

Art Opera- swap

Well, it's been many weeks since I last posted and even longer since I've got back from Art Opera, so thought I would get back into the swing of things by putting up some pictures. If you want to see a lot more pictures of the event, check out Suze Weinberg's blog and go back to April (I think she starts sharing pictures on April 7th). Anyway, I had a great time- I took two classes, one from Traci Bautista and one from Ann Denise Anderson. Traci's class, but today I just wanted to put up pictures of the altered altoid tin that I made for a swap. I wanted to keep with the Under the Sea theme so I decided to do a seahorse tin. I used an antique brass stamping of a seahorse and a starfish charm to made molds. Then I used the molds with some pearl polymer clay and applied the molded pieces to the sanded tin. I filled in the blanks with some more clay and then went to town trying out different glazing ideas. I think that I ended up mixing a Distress Ink reinker with some Golden acrylic paint and then finished the whole think off with a clear finish and glitter. I really, really had fun making this as it was so much different than anything that I have ever made before. The second picture is of a little booklet I made for my swap partner so that she could put in pictures of the event as a momento.