Monday, March 11, 2013

Crazed Rabbit Page

I just finished making this as part of my Life Book 2013 class. This was my favorite lesson so far. I've never done anything quite like this and am so pleased by how it came out.

Here are a couple of progress shots I took. This was SO freeing. I can see making more journal pages in this style. Thank you so much Mitsi B. ! for an excellent lesson. And this is only the cover! Whee!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Journal Page - Life Book 2013- True Intentions

Here's a page I made for Life Book. I have gotten very far behind, but I enjoyed finishing this up last night. I have a few more details to add, (like my intentions for the year, which I believe is the most important part, heehee) but I'm not up to it. So I'm just posting it as is. Down with perfectionism! (I'm yelling this at myself as I constantly sweat the small stuff) (Like my laptop and scanner still being on the blink :P)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Calendar Journal Page - March

Hello there! I haven't been making much art (well, except for a ceramics class, but more on that later) but I am absolutely determined to keep up with this challenge. This page was inspired by the style of Constance Taylor- I first saw her work on the Flickr Calendar Journal page set up by Kate of the Kathryn Wheel. 

Unfortunately my laptop went kaput yesterday- the battery refuses to charge. (could it be because I set it down on some yogurt that had spilled on the table that I didn't notice until it was too late- argh!) So, anyway, without my computer and scanner (I promptly lost the scanner software after installing it into my laptop last year) I am doing the best with my little junkie point and shoot. I hope everyone who is participating in this challenge is enjoying it as much as I am. For some more inspiration, check out Kate's blog and the incredible work of Constance- trust me- if you like beautiful collage work- you will be truly inspired.