Monday, December 31, 2012

December Calendar Journal Page

Hey there- I never posted my December page because- A. I didn't start it until the middle of the month and B. I just finished it.I almost just gave up- I have a bit of a perfectionist, black and white, ocd type thing going on in my head here that I'm trying to beat. so- rather that not doing it because it wouldn't be 'complete' (that's the ocd) or perfect (that's the other monster) - I decided to just start wherever and muddle through the best I can.  So here it is- my December calendar page. Thank you again Kate Crane for this awesome challenge and for all of your inspiration. (if you haven't heard of this challenge, check out The Kathryn Wheel and everybody's work there- so much fun)

Since I decided to rejoin this challenge again only in November, here is my November page. I am hoping next year to do all TWELVE months teehee.