Saturday, March 27, 2010

Background papers- Artistic Mothers Group

I just got finished making my backround papers for week one of The Artistic Mothers Group hosted by Trudy Callan. I'm so glad that I joined this group because I never would have pushed myself to paint these papers if it weren't for the fact that I committed myself to finishing the weekly projects in the book. The last time I painted anything besides a wall, was probably when I took an oil painting class. I liked the class, but it was frustrating for me because I was trying to make a realistic painting and I couldn't get the paint to do what I wanted it to do. These papers, on the other hand, were so much fun to paint and stamp because I was just playing. The papers I used were cardstock and grocery bags- I loved seing the transformation from humble brown paper to decorated art paper. I can see myself making a lot more of these in the future.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Starting early

Aidan wanted to make a green screen to film videos in front of and of course Sloane wanted to help. So, I found some old sweats for her first official 'painting clothes' and let her at it. She had a blast.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Artistic Mother

I recently read about a new book, The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole. And then, of course, I had to search out her blog, (hmmm, the title of her blog is similar to mine, how cool is that?)which led me to a online group on Trudy Callan's blog. This is one of the reasons I'm so in love with blogs and wanted to start one - the information is priceless.

The timing couldn't be more perfect for me to join this group of women with similar goals. Here I am, floundering around in the blogosphere, trying to reinvigorate my love of art, or rather trying to squash down the feeling that if I don't make perfect art, then it is not worth making. On my own, I have been challenging myself to make a little art every day, by participating in swaps and starting an art journal, but this is going to be even better because I will be part of a group of women who are trying to do the same thing together. For me, knowing that other people are keeping tabs and rooting each other on is a big motivator. So, I look forward to getting my book, which Amazon very graciously emailed to tell me is already on its way, and going on a new adventure. Please join me.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another 'wicked' card

Here's the card that was sent on its merry way today. I actully was pushing so hard on my colored pencil trying to add swirls that I pushed through layers of paint and gesso to reveal the playing card beneath. Well, since the playing card was red and white, it didn't exactly go with my color scheme. I dyed some Viva paper towel with green and yellow Caran d'ache Neocolor II crayons and then smooshed them over the hole with a glue soaked brush. As a final touch I dry brushed on a little Lumiere paint. I really how the card looks scanned as opposed to photographed.

Friday, March 12, 2010

You never know where you are going to find inspiration

When my friend asked me if I would like to go with her to the 'Please Touch Museum' in Philadelphia, I thought it would be fun for the kids, but little did I know what was waiting in store for me. When we got there, I noticed that they had some unusual assemblage sculptures, notably a large scale replica of the Statue of Liberty's torch hand and an elephant. Hmmmmm. I wasn't expecting this, but cool. Then, towards the end of our visit, we visited an exhibit that was unlike anything else in the museum. I rounded the corner on the downward ramp and discovered that we were going down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. Imagine my surprise as I saw Alice tumbling down. The exhibit was set up like a maze, with beautiful artwork based on the original illustrations around every corner. It literally took my breath away. My very favorite parts were the Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum display, which has the two of them pictured with a miniature theater, my new obsession; and a statue of the rabbit. Gorgeous. I hope you are as inspired as I was.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A wicked deck round robin

Here are the latest cards I finished for the round robin I am participating in. Here's how it works. Each participant starts with a blank deck in the size and shape of their choosing. They then alter one of the cards completely and do a little bit on two of the other cards. Then the fun really begins because they whole deck gets mailed to the next person on the list and that person in turn alters another one of the cards and adds a little bit to the communal cards, and mails the whole deck to the next person and so on. In the end, we will each have a deck of altered playing cards that everyone has worked on. The theme of the deck is 'a wicked deck' in going along with the next Art is You in October, 'Wickedly Good'. The first one is titled 'The Scarecrow' and on the back I wrote 'the scarecrow was more lovingly constructed than his outward appearance would indicate'. The second card is going to go in the deck of a lovely lady I met at Art is You last year. She loves fabric, which is what gave me the idea to do these cards in fabric, and she recently has lost her own little bunny. So, I found an obscure reference to a book by L. Frank Baum called 'Little Bun Rabbit' about a little girl named Dorothy (a precursor to the Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?) and, of course, a rabbit. I thought it would be nice to personalize the card for her.


After many false starts I am proud to say that I am officially blogging. It has been something that I have thinking about for a while because it is because of blogs that I have been introduced to so many people, new techniques, events and, of course, places to shop!