Saturday, March 27, 2010

Background papers- Artistic Mothers Group

I just got finished making my backround papers for week one of The Artistic Mothers Group hosted by Trudy Callan. I'm so glad that I joined this group because I never would have pushed myself to paint these papers if it weren't for the fact that I committed myself to finishing the weekly projects in the book. The last time I painted anything besides a wall, was probably when I took an oil painting class. I liked the class, but it was frustrating for me because I was trying to make a realistic painting and I couldn't get the paint to do what I wanted it to do. These papers, on the other hand, were so much fun to paint and stamp because I was just playing. The papers I used were cardstock and grocery bags- I loved seing the transformation from humble brown paper to decorated art paper. I can see myself making a lot more of these in the future.


  1. These are beautiful - I love the color combinations and the soft look of them and I really like how you used grocery bags too - I want to try that, Kristin xo

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  3. what a gorgeous blog you have!!! i love the marie antoinette theme combined with the lush purple & butterflies.
    (i can absolutely relate to your post: how this workshop creates a sense of discipline i lacked before. even how the oil paints failed to cooperate & conjure what was dancing in my head...;) so frustrating).
    great job on your papers. isn't it a wonderful feeling to create something & have fun????
    glad to have another friend on here & thanks for your comment.

  4. Your papers are absolutely amazing. You used paper bags - good thinking. By the way your blog background is gorgeous. Love it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. Those are lovely papers. Great color choices. I hope you get time to tear them up and make your poetry journal next :)

    Shona Cole


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