Sunday, February 20, 2011

Diana Trout Class and Three Muses Challenge

Here is a new page in my journal. I took an amazing class with Diana Trout (of Journal Spilling )yesterday and started several pages. The class was about conquering your inner critic. The bottom layer was made in class- we journaled, then went over that with Portfolios and gesso. Today I decided to just grab any color that I wouldn't usually use- there's lime green, bright blue and reddish orange and just started playing. The whole thing was FAST- I didn't want to overthink it! Maybe 20 minutes-10 for mooshing and 10 for details? The top layer is scratched into and then drawn on with a General's 9xxb pencil- can you believe that it wrote that well over the Portfolios? Anyway, when it was done, I remembered that I hadn't submitted anything for the Three Muses this week and since the word is 'hot' I am going to submit this page. Thank you for visiting and if you ever get a chance to take a class with Diana, run, don't walk.

Monday, February 14, 2011

An Experiment - Youtube Tutorial

Hi! I wanted to post this little piece that I made after watching a Rach0113 on Youtube. If you've never seen her videos before, run right over there and check them out because she's awesome. She has a great grungy style and a cool accent to boot. She does everything- mini books, art journaling, mixed media little assemblages..... Anyway, I made this foil art after watching her video and even though the picture doesn't do it justice, because it really rocks (IIDSSM if I do say so myself), I am posting a picture.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scrapbook Page- Three Muses

Hi there. I was trying to think of what to do for the Three Muses challenge this week. The theme is black and white. Soooooo, I had this layout that I worked on a couple of weeks ago but, I didn't love it. So I pulled up some stuff, added other stuff and then reassembled it all back together. The only thing that was is same is the photo, which I adore. I was trying to get a clear shot of Sloane's single long hair. The paper is Mama-Razzi by& Bo-Bunny and the word brads are well, OLD. I believe that I bought them on clearance and they are K&Company for Basicgrey.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Calendar Journal Challenge- February

Sooooo...... I finished the calendar challenge for January and it was pretty awesome. I waited just a wee bit too long to start on February's page and then had approximately 5 hours of toddler whining today (I know you think I'm exxagerating on this point, but I'm not) and was a tad stressed over it, BUT I got it done. The image transfer came out a little fuzzy, but I still like it overall, and, did I mention it's DONE. And it's still the 1st. Yippee. I made it as bright as I possibly could because I have no love for February. Cold, dark and fortunately short. So I thought I would cheer myownself up a little every time I opened it. I you want to see where I got this awesome idea, check out The Kathryn Wheel- so inspiring!