Tuesday, April 26, 2016

One finished piece a year- I'm on a roll! 'Eye Piece'

Just getting started

To show scale, I used my little asistant

Progress Pic

Final piece!

At the show- BCCC. 

A few years ago, I started taking classes at the local community college- (Bucks County Community College). I only take about once class a semester, and sometimes none at all. I've taken film, metalsmithing, and then last year took it into my head to take an Introduction to Sculpture class . I knew that 3-d appealed to me, since I have taken several assemblage workshops with  Michael de Meng - I love taking workshops- they inspire me, I learn a LOT, yet I rarely finish my project.  With a studio class at the college, I get a lot more time- plus the motivation of a definite due date- something I don't seem to be able complete a piece without.
 Last year I finished three pieces, including the spaceship from my previous post. This year I took a 3-d Materials and Modeling class- again completing three pieces- this one being my favorite. For the wood carving part of the class we could choose any body part- internal or external. The carving was a real challenge- apparently the subtractive method is not my forte!  , but I got to build a base- Apoxie Clay to the rescue!, and added a faux rust finish - building the base and finishing it honestly felt like a reward for carving the eye. Anyway, enough rambling- I mostly blog for myself to record my journey- I hope you like it, and if you've gotten this far,  thank you very much for reading!