Thursday, January 3, 2013

January Calendar Page

Hello there- I am absolutely determined to complete this years Calendar Journal challenge over at the Kathryn Wheel. So here's my page for January.

I went a little nutso on this page- the background has layers of  decorative papers, Neocolor 11's, acrylic paint, gesso, stamps, tissue paper (for extra texture)  and finally some spray ink. I knew I wouldn't be able to write on all that texture with a small pen, so for the journaling spots, I broke out some background papers I had made a couple of months ago and then promptly forgot all about. Here's how I made the squares.

First, using a dropper and a willing helper (frog pajamas are a plus), I dripped random drips of ink right out of the bottle onto the paper. (I used Higgins drawing ink onto Bristol paper)

Then, using the same kind of ink, only watered down in a bottle, we sprayed over the first color. We did this a couple of times, spreading it with a foam brush when the mood struck. I think at this point we ran out of time and I put them away, forgotten, until I needed them the other day.

At this point, I cut out the most interesting portions, cut them up into little squares, and edged them with ink. I added random stamping to some of them- here's a close up....

 If you have read this far- thank you! I'm looking forward to visiting and seeing what everybody else has been up to. If you have a chance, stop by Kate's blog- her year in review post is wonderful!


  1. January looks great! You have a wonderful helper. Love the papers you made.

  2. Hi Laura, I love your January calendar. The background paper you made is wonderful. I love the make my own background papers. Thank you for leaving your wonderful comments on my blog. The stencil I used was bricks from Crafters Workshop.

  3. Looks like you are ready for January! Fab! Love the backgrounds! Kim


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