Saturday, January 12, 2013

Re-using Journal Pages

Here's something that I've been playing with lately. I got the idea from Traci Bautista, when I took her class (wow, over 2 1/2 years ago now!). She said to make photocopies of original pieces, and then cut them up to make new collages. I remember when I pulled out an original, detailed drawing to use (the class called for bringing various collage papers, images, I thought to myself  'oh, goody- I have a drawing I can use'.) The look on her face when I pulled it out was priceless. She looked at me like I was bonkers (they do say artists tend to be intuitive) and told me to make a copy before using it. Anyway, here's my original page.

And here's the page I made from the copied and cut up original. I made a double page spread, held vertically.

I even got all fancy and stitched on the pages. I think I will add some black around the white lettering, but if I wait to do all that, I may never post.


  1. Lovely work, and what a good idea. Thanks for sharing. Keep smiling and creating

  2. I've heard this a few times in the last few months... need to give it a go. Your two versions are really cool. TFS!

  3. I LOVE both versions :). Beautiful colors and the collage is gorgeous, Laura.

  4. Great pages, love the colours!


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