Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Art Journal Page

I had a chance to meetup with some art journalists on Sunday, and this is what I made. I love getting together with artsy friends and working- its very motivating. Little by little I am filling up my good ol' moleskin that I started working on a few years ago.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Class with Finnabair

  In the time since I've last posted,  I've taken some wonderful inspiring classes with Jodi Ohl, at Create NJ last July, Catt Kerr  and Andrea Matus DeMeng at Art-is-You in Stamford last October,   Seth Apter in NY at Little Bird Creations in December, and Marjie Kemper at the Ink Pad in New York in February. Whew! And, being the stinker that I am- I haven't posted about a single one.  Anyway, since I haven't blogged about any of them, and I enjoyed each one of the classes a great deal, I thought I would start with Finnabair, a.k.a. Ania Dambrowska.  I have been following her blog for many years, so when I found out she would be teaching in New York last July, at Michelle Luxemburg's studio, I jumped at the chance.
  We spent the whole day playing, making the front and back covers of a hard covered journal, and several pages inside as well. I'm just going to post some pictures of the front cover for now- but it has everything I LOVE on it- color, texture, junk and a vintage print ( General Tom Thumb and his wife, in case you were wondering) . I had made a brooch back in 1990 with some broken jewelry and that image, and since I haven't worn it in years, I thought it would make an awesome focal point to the collage. I'm going to frame and put this up on a wall, rather than using it as a journal cover. If you want to read about his take on the experience, read Seth's Apter's post here.  He proved to be an excellent table mate.  (I'm the one on the bottom left, next to Marjie, who also wrote a wonderful blog post about the workshop)