Sunday, February 20, 2011

Diana Trout Class and Three Muses Challenge

Here is a new page in my journal. I took an amazing class with Diana Trout (of Journal Spilling )yesterday and started several pages. The class was about conquering your inner critic. The bottom layer was made in class- we journaled, then went over that with Portfolios and gesso. Today I decided to just grab any color that I wouldn't usually use- there's lime green, bright blue and reddish orange and just started playing. The whole thing was FAST- I didn't want to overthink it! Maybe 20 minutes-10 for mooshing and 10 for details? The top layer is scratched into and then drawn on with a General's 9xxb pencil- can you believe that it wrote that well over the Portfolios? Anyway, when it was done, I remembered that I hadn't submitted anything for the Three Muses this week and since the word is 'hot' I am going to submit this page. Thank you for visiting and if you ever get a chance to take a class with Diana, run, don't walk.


  1. Great design, brilliant and colorful, I love the Neocolor look.

  2. Love the way this worked out Laura. There is something about the glow in the tower on the right that is make me so happy right now. Gotta get me some of those General xx9. Holy Cow!
    I'm so glad to have you as a student! Your good cheer and generosity is always a great addition to classes.

  3. This is really great. I could really use a class like that. I would imagine it would make such a difference in your artistic expression.

  4. I really like the colors! Everything you do is so bright and cheerful. I love it!

  5. this page came out so good! i love how the moon (or sun) is shining on the tower's roof! it's a happy page!

  6. My new friend.
    I saw the last page on GUT art, but now in context I am seeing how it is really YOU.
    Thanx for the e-mail this morning, made difference + to my day.
    Love from Sweden

  7. Beautiful colours, I am loving this - I love how you embrace colour Laura x


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