Saturday, March 2, 2013

Calendar Journal Page - March

Hello there! I haven't been making much art (well, except for a ceramics class, but more on that later) but I am absolutely determined to keep up with this challenge. This page was inspired by the style of Constance Taylor- I first saw her work on the Flickr Calendar Journal page set up by Kate of the Kathryn Wheel. 

Unfortunately my laptop went kaput yesterday- the battery refuses to charge. (could it be because I set it down on some yogurt that had spilled on the table that I didn't notice until it was too late- argh!) So, anyway, without my computer and scanner (I promptly lost the scanner software after installing it into my laptop last year) I am doing the best with my little junkie point and shoot. I hope everyone who is participating in this challenge is enjoying it as much as I am. For some more inspiration, check out Kate's blog and the incredible work of Constance- trust me- if you like beautiful collage work- you will be truly inspired. 


  1. Fab!! Great page, very inspiring hugs Juls

  2. This page is beautiful, love the mysteriousness of it :).

  3. Quite clever of you! I LOVE the use of actual numbers for a few of your days! I also am a fan of Constance. Her work is so original and fascinating to view.

  4. Totally gorgeous! Loving your spin on these pages each month... really unique!


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