Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Stamp Man Challenge Fiasco

I finished this last night after MUCH puttering around on it and was going to post it today but I LOST MY CAMERA. Yes, that's right. If you know me well, you know that I lose everything, but this takes the cake. Anyway, I found it when I got in the car to go out to dinner. I just got home, took the pictures and am frantically typing so I can get this posted! It was originally intended for the Stamp Man Challenge but it was due by 9 and I didn't post until 9:30 (whaaaa) Ok, so I have never entered this challenge, but I have looked in to see what everybody was up to and to check out the eye candy so when I saw this 'swirls' challenge, I knew Iwanted to enter. Be sure to check out everybody's work here.

I guess I should say that this is one of my personal all time favorite projects. It all started with a totally awesome youtube technique on distressing cardboard and after that it was just a blur.


  1. OMG, what a stunning piece, Laura!

  2. Thank you Yvonne! I had just finished oogling your green and plum piece with the scallops on your blog.....then I came back and here you are- thank you!

  3. Absolutely luscious! Those swirls are wonderful and the piece if full of depth. Thanks for stopping by my blog and especially for the sweet words about my book :)

  4. I love the distressed cardboard! I may have to steal, I mean borrow, this idea for a page.

  5. Good morning sister
    this work is absolutely beautiful, you are an artist.
    Lots of love from big sis in Sweden

  6. What a lovely piece!! Look at all of the detail and time you put into it!! And the colors and texture are yummy. Great job! So glad you found your camera so you could share it with us.

  7. gorgeous!!! Love the fab vintage look, the gorgeous colours and textures!! just such a work of art!

    Hugs Juls


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