Monday, September 24, 2012

Page Re-do

The challenge over at The Art Journal Cafe is 'Save Your Page'. hmmmmm- I have lots of pages that I started and then lost my direction in my journal. Here's the page I'm starting with.

When I took Traci Bautista's class aeons ago, she told us to make copies of our work so we could incorporate them into future collages, so I had recently gone to the copy store and made color copies. (yes, I could just print them out from my computer, but then they smear  when I go to use them because the ink is water based- I love the quality from the color copier- and the toner doesn't smear- and what's more, can be used for image transfer! wheeeeeeee!)  ok, you get the idea- so I went over and copied some of my previous pages. Here's the front and back of my journal, with some images cut out .....  (I used gel medium to transfer the images to the page- funnnnnnnn!)

Ok, so I'm working on's getting a little dark..... I am frustrated and leave it for a couple of days at this point.
( doesn't look as dark here as in person, but trust me, you could hardly see my little flying guy)
So, I painted over the scallops, and the dark red checks, added some stamps, then portfolio pastels,  STILL TOO DARK! ARGGHHHHH! One last attempt- paint! and voila- this is it.
Here is the top portion only. I like the composition- off to the copy store. I think it will be the new back cover. (That will be my next post.) If you read this whole long wordy post- my thanks to you! :)


  1. Loved seeing how you built up these layers! Thank goodness it wasn't a timed challenge, eh? LOL... so glad you joined in again at Art Journal Cafe with your fabulous page.

  2. to see how you have worked is so interresting ! Your page is vibrant ! Thanks to have participated to our challenge
    Carol, one of the frappucinos

    1. Ah- thank you! YOur challenges are so much fun and get me moving. I appreciate your comment and for stopping by!


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