Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Calendar Journal Page - November

I thought I'd give the Kate's calendar journal challenge another go.Here's a link to her colorful and inspiring blog- the Kathryn Wheel.  I keep seeing such beautiful pages, but I haven't created one in months. The problem was writing in the tiny little spaces- so I decided to make a big calendar page in a Teesha Moore style amazing 16 page journal. So this space is approximately 24 x 10 inches.

Update- I am having so much fun with this! ....love how the black journaling adds to the page.

I added a tutorial here, about playing with masking fluid,  if you want to see how I made this page . 


  1. That IS a big one! Love the randomness of your circles. Looks like a fun month to come.

    PS- please consider turning off word verification

    1. Marjie- thank you for your comment :) and for telling me about the word verification- I hate that thing! - every time I try to leave a comment on someone's blog who has it I am left squinting and cursing at my screen...

  2. What a great page, love the colour and the fact you've stepped away from the norm and gone large to suit your needs :)

  3. COOL calendar pages! Now I want to go home & doodle on my circles, too!

  4. Love the idea of your circles and the doodling around them, really cool pages, looking forward to seeing it finished at the end of the month.

  5. I really am very late looking around at the November pages, but I am here at last!! Wow, this page looks really fab - love all the layers and the colours. I think this challenge works well on a big scale ...I do a double page spread which makes it about 12 x 16 ... so not quite as big as yours! Welcome back to the challenge :-)
    We are almost at the end of 2012, but the question is, are you going to carry on next year?!!

  6. lol, well, thank you for stopping by, Kate, late or not. Not sure if I can keep up with the challenge- behind on December already! I'll see how my health goes.


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