Thursday, November 8, 2012

Forgotten Portrait

Today, I found a small pile of old drawings in my closet. Among them was this portrait. I don't remember when I drew this- its reminiscent of a charcoal I did in 1987 that got destroyed when my high school caught on fire (arson). There were a lot of combustibles in the art storage area, of course, so everything that I had done so far that year was destroyed. Maybe I started another to replace it? Either way, I am off to the copy store tomorrow so I can use it in a journal page.


  1. Totally beautiful drawing, Laura. I've got to try pencil sketch & portrait more :).

    1. Shahrul, thank you. I took a peeky and saw your beautiful bird drawings. I think I don't do more drawn portraits because they take me so doesn't provide the immediate gratification of splattering and splodging does! xoxo

  2. Lovely drawing! What a terrible loss you had with your school burning.


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