Friday, November 2, 2012

Lynne Perrella's Class at the Ink Pad in NY, and a Hurricane

This past Sunday, I went to Manhattan to attend a class taught by Lynne Perrella and hosted by the Ink Pad.  I have always admired Lynne's use of color and pattern, and was very much interested in learning some new techniques. Actually, it was her stamps that caught my eye about 13 years ago that first got me interested in collage and mixed media.

(Feel free to skip-  Unfortunately, I couldn't sleep all night- I must have woken up every 45 minutes, so I was tired, and anxious, as I am prone to be when I do not sleep well. On top of that there were storm warnings- it was announced that the transit system was going to be shut down at 7 to prepare for Hurricane Sandy, and since I took New Jersey Transit to get into the city, I was anxious about getting out. Long story short, I left early. Before I left the class, I got to have some time with Lynne- she went around the entire room giving assistance (and provided a handout- woohoo!) and she helped me solve a layering problem in a way I never would have figured out. Anyway, I haven't touched it since I left Sunday, but here he is:

Next up- Hurricane Sandy, new friends, and collaging by candlelight.


  1. I love this. Your background is perfect with that image. Are you going to do a tutorial for us? I am new to mixed media and art journal pages so always looking for new techniques.


    1. Thank you! I am definitely working on a tutorial- loving the stencils.

  2. Gorgeous page Laura...LAURVE the colours and the depth of the whole thing...awesome image too :o)
    Annette In Oz

  3. What a great image! Love your background and how you did the layering.


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